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Auto Fitment Specialists Are Your Go-To Anti Smash And Grab Fitment Centre In Durban

Why, you may ask, because we are conveniently Mobile, which means we come to you for your Anti Smash And Grab needs.

We cover all areas in Durban, from Umhlanga to Pinetown to Chatsworth. You never need to worry about your traveling expenses, traffic or taking time off work to get your Smash and Grab in Durban done.

Auto Fitment Specialists are making a name for ourselves when it comes to Anti Smash And Grab.

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DID YOU KNOW- that Anti Smash And Grab is one of the first two things that gets done to a vehicle after it’s been purchased in South Africa.

Mmmm, why is that, do you think!?

The second thing is Tracker – which we happen to sell. Check out your Tracker options.

What Is Smash And Grab or Anti Smash And Grab?

Yeah, It doesn’t make a pretty picture but the Anti Smash And Grab film that is applied to the car windows has an important job to do. It protects your passengers and yourself from getting hurt. Without the Anti Smash and Grab, you will get injured by the flying glass. Some of the reasons we’ve found for car windows that break:

  • Smash and Grab – meaning someone actually smashes your window and grabs whatever is closest, your phone or bag.
  • Grasscutters: Yip, the guys on the freeway cutting the grass.
  • Falling debris from trucks.
  • Stones from cars in front of you.

Our Window Tint Percentage

The Window tint percentage that Auto Fitment Specialists commonly use is 35%. We found, our clients generally prefer 35% window tint.

We fit 20% tint as well as 50% tint on request.

If you would like to know what’s the legal limit for color tint in South Africa you can scroll down the page to our Anti Smash And Grab F&Q’s

Auto Fitment Specialists only use Premium Window Films that are High-quality films and are guaranteed for up to 5 years.

The Difference Between 20% Tint, 35% Tint And 50% Tint.

Here you can see your car window tinting color options, but the question you have to ask yourself now is, which do you prefer? If you’re still not sure, you’re welcome to shoot us a message right now and get talking to a specialist using our handy Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp Buttons on the left.

20% Car Tint VS 35% Car Tint

F&Q’S About Anti Smash And Grab Car Window Tint.

What is the window tint cure time?
Depending on the weather, between 2 days to 3 weeks.
Will window film stick to plexiglass?
Yes, it will.
What is the darkest legal tint in South Africa?
35% tint is the darkest legal tint in South Africa.
Can you tint over factory tint?
Yes, although you will see all the old defects in the film.
Does window tint keep heat out?
Yes, Window tint does keep heat out.
Can you wash your car after tinting windows?
Yes , although avoid washing the inside of windows for at least 25 days.
How long does tinting windows take?
Depending on the vehicle 2-3 hours.
What window tint allows 70% of the light in?
Tint starts from 50%, not 70% – This is how it works: 35% only allows 35% of light in.
Does window tint go on the inside or the outside?
The tint goes on the inside of the window.
How long do you wait to roll down tinted windows?
We recommend 48 hours, depending on the weather, maybe longer.
How do you clean tinted windows?
Use a damp dust free cloth and then a dry dust free cloth, preferably microfiber to clean tinted windows.
Should I attempt DIY window tint?
Household yes, car no!
Can you fix scratched window tint?
No, unfortunately it will have to be replaced.
Do you join the backglass tint?
No, the back glass is curved so we use a heat gun and mould the film to the backglass curves.
Is smash and grab different pieces of film put together?
No, it comes layered and bonded from the factory.
Can you apply smash and grab to the front glass?
No, you can’t.
Does window film cut down UV Rays?
Yes, it does.
Does window film protect interior?
Yes, it does.
Can anti-smash and grab fade?
Yes, it can.
Does window film fade?
Yes, window film can fade.
What is the difference between smash and grab and anti-smash and grab?
There is no difference, the correct term is anti-smash and grab.
Can demister/heater lines get damaged?
No, it works as normal if we remove old tint the demister/heater lines do often get damaged.
How thick is the anti-smash and grab film?
We use 125-micron anti-smash and grab.
Can I see outside if I tint my windows?
Yes, you can. It looks lighter on the inside looking out.
There is a few bubbles in my tint , will it go away?
Yes, tint is porous, which means it breathes and it will disappear over time.
Will the film reduce glare on cellphones/laptops?
Yes, It will.