Auto Fitment Specialists Supply And Install Autowatch Alarm Systems In Durban.

Autowatch Alarm Systems is an excellent choice when it comes to securing your car. Autowatch was one of the first car security companies that came onto the market, they’ve been around a while. We believe that Autowatch alarm systems are one of the best alarm systems on the market.

With car theft ever on the increase in South Africa, our job is to make sure your car is harder to steal.


How Does This Service Work….

We prefer to consult with you before any purchase is made. We like to keep the client fully informed. Once you reach out to us and let us know you are interested in an Alarm System we will advise you on what is required.

If you have a fault with your existing Alarm System, we do fault find but it generally works out cheaper to replace it with a new Alarm System.

Faulty Alarm Warning Signs:

Alarms don’t activate/deactivate, no alarm siren tone, central locking faulty on some doors, the car isn’t starting due to faults in the immobilizer/antihijack.

Why Would You Need To Fit An Alarm System?

Some baseline vehicles and older vehicles like the i10, Chev bakkies, Toyota Etios etc don’t come with a basic alarm system meaning if someone breaks a window or manages to open a door they can get into the vehicle and steal your belongings or even the vehicle with a warning tone coming from the alarm system.

An Immobilizer doesn’t allow you to start the vehicle without the key being present

Most of the alarms we fit have cutoff switches which means it cuts off a basic operating circuit making the vehicle dormant unless a (hidden button is pressed) that’s called antihijack.

A quick disclaimer over here: The price will vary due to the vehicles – some vehicles do require more work. 


Alarm Systems

  • level 280rli – Interior sensor, Bump sensor, alarm siren
  • 443ti-Immobilizer.Anti-hijack
  • 446rli- alarm, immobilizer,sensor-
  • Anti-hijack add on to level 2 alarm  (Vehicle dependent)
  • Link to factory central locking 2 door or 4 door
  • Add on 2 door central locking  (supply and fit)
  • Add on 4 door central locking (supply and fit)
  • And more available, please do contact us.

Central Locking

  • 2 door central locking with remote 
  • 4 door central locking with remote 

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F&Q’s About Autowatch Alarm Systems And Immobilizers.

What are Levels?

Levels are the different intensities of the alarms systems.

What happens when customers lose their alarm key?

If it is an auto watch unit it usually comes with 2 remote keys, if not we can reprogram a new key.

What is an immobilizer bypass?

A special bypass “switch” known only by the driver if the vehicle doesn’t start due to the faulty immobilizer.

What is an immobilizer key?

Doesn’t allow the vehicle to start unless that key is present.

What is an immobilizer system indicator?

A special light for when immobilizer activates/deactivates or is not being sensed when the ignition is on.

What are transponder keys?

Keys that send signals to the vehicle to unlock/lock/start with that specific key only.

How do I reset my car alarm?

We will have to asses.

What is an aftermarket alarm system?

Alarm system not fitted by the factory, an alarm system that does not come from the production line of when the actual vehicle is being built.

Do alarms turn off by themselves?

Yes, after a period of time.

Are there any warranties on the product?

There is a 2-year warranty on the auto watch units.

Auto Fitment Specialists – Central Locking

Auto Fitment Specialists supply and fit central locking in any type of vehicle.

Our customers come first and we will try and help you as much as possible. We don’t do repairs on central locking and only fit new units.

F&Q’s About Central Locking

Can I install Central Locking in my car?

Yes, if it currently does not have.

What do you mean by Central Locking?

Central locking allows you to press a button on the remote to lock/unlock doors automatically, without having to physically pick up and put down buttons manually.